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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Smarthome Begins Pre-orders for INSTEON SwitchLinc Dimmer

In some exciting news Smarthome is taking pre-orders of their next gen SwitchLinc 2-Way...Insteon SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer. I had called in for a bit of tech support and the guy mentioned SwitchLincs should be shipping sometime in July and that it went up on their website today. After some searching I found details on one of the pages.

The goods:
New design with "light pipes" instead of the green LED bar.
The set button is now on the bottom.
WHITE LEDS! This looks awesome.
Looks like the back is clear so you can see everthing on the inside.
Includes an ivory paddle if you just don't know what you want to buy. =)

The bads:
I haven't tested it yet.

I have to admit, I am a sucker and put in a pre-order for 2 of them. I got a starter kit a few weeks back and, on speed alone, it blows away X10. If these switchlincs work for me I might have to redo my whole house.

Have more info on these? email me... mike921 at gmail.com


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